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A random story of life, that might help you live the way you want.

“Who are you? Why do you do what you do in life? How do you do it the most? What are the things you do?”

These are truly a very simple chain of questions about life, but yet, only a handful of people can answer this question right away with high confidence and exciting details. So, what about you? Please, I encourage you to answer yourself first.

Yes please, take your time to think and feel.

Hello, you there who read this! Thank you for taking…

Short guide for every curious developers

The rapid growing phase of many tech startups currently affecting a lot of people to build an application that can be built as a business. Things like commerce, SaaS, social media, ride-sharing, B2B, communication, game, media, and so much more. Because of that, likewise the high rising of demand for people who can actualize that application technically: developer.

de·vel·op·er (n) a person who develops something technical.

Developer who can build application or website?

Correct. Thank you for your understanding. Yes, we’re not talking about the property developer.

Title or even career of developer that have an important role in appplication…

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